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Church Cleaning

The CYON are to clean the church this week.


Infant Baptism

Registration for infant baptism is this week Monday to Friday by 4pm.



Our Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Shimawua, has spoken on the issue of parishioners refusing to enrol to be members of the church and advised that we all are encouraged to enrol and collect membership card at the parish office


Catholic Youth Center Parish is under the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi

The ecclesiastical territory which is today called Makurdi Diocese was part of the newly formed Prefecture Apostolic of the lower Niger between 1889 and 1920. The Prefecture covered the entire land area within the east of the River Niger and to the South of River Benue.

Church Activities

Sunday services

First Mass: 6:00am (English)

Second Mass 8:00am (English)

Third Mass: 10:00am (Tiv)

Fourth Mass 6:00pm (English)